Kristi Briggs

Artist: Kristi Briggs
Business Name: Sacred Roots Co LLC

STAW Address: 465 SE Bridgeway

Contact:, (503) 883-3272
Web Site:

Offerings: handmade cold processed soaps

My name is Kristi and I am the owner/soap maker at Sacred Roots Co. I make small batch handcrafted, handmade soaps. Coming from a natural and holistic perspective, I understand and know the importance of what goes on our own skin, while still being able to pronounce all the ingredients. So that’s why I use skin-loving, nourishing and moisturizing plant-based oils and butters that leave your skin feeling soft, clean and pampered. The goal: for you to have a {relaxing} experience. Each batch is handmade using the cold process method. Cold process soap requires no external heat to complete the saponification process that naturally occurs with the combination of an alkali (lye) and fats (oils and butters). From the time a loaf of soap is unmolded and cut, it takes 4-6 weeks to “cure”. Soaps are longer-lasting, thereby reducing waste.

I will be kicking off this event with special limited-edition, holiday-scented soaps. I offer Free Shipping on orders $35 and over. Head over to my website and sign up for our free “every now-and-then” newsletter and receive a “ThankYou” website discount… {and don’t worry we don’t like spam either! 😉 You can unsubscribe at any time!}

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