Maureen Frank

Artist: Maureen Frank
Business Name: The Mandala Lady
Address: 1670 SE Bethel Street [map]

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Offerings: original mandala art, mandalas to color, mandala coloring books, greeting cards, hand-painted mandala meditation stones, mindfulness stones, art necklaces, small jewelry pieces, and much more.

I started my art career as a Mandala Artist after an insightful and inspiring trip to Egypt in 1999. Inspired by ancient art, nature, architecture, and patterns I created well over 200 mandala designs and art pieces since.

I like to play with a variety of media including color pencils, gel pens, poured inks, markers, watercolors, and acrylics; each giving a different feel and texture to my art. Coloring and painting mandalas, for me, acts as a creative form of meditation as well as an enjoyable calming practice.

I also create hand-painted Mandala Meditation Stones and self-published a series of Mandala Coloring Books; both of which help people expand on their meditation practice and support their journey of Self Discovery and Enlightenment.