Serena Kapuler

Artist: Serena Kapuler
Business Name: Sparktacular Attire

STAW Address: 2385 SE Thompson St


Offerings: fascinators, hat/hairclips & pins, wearable succulents

Sparktacular Attire is inspired by milliners and haberdashers of the past, spiraled with a modern flair. Sparktacular Fascinators are made from upcycled fabric, ribbon, gems, jewelry, and crystals. They often include a handmade rose or 3. Wearable art, unique, one of a kind hair clips and hat pins are offered. Custom pieces are available upon request.
Sparktacular Attire includes: Serena’s Closet-
Style and costume consulting as well as an assortment of new, used, vintage and edited costumes.