Deb Curtis

Artist: Deb Curtis
Studio/Business Name: n/a
Address: 2115 SE Crystal Lake Drive [map]


Offerings: Handmade baskets and fiber art

Baskets are a tradition that is changing.  I design and produce contemporary baskets using traditional basketry materials.  By linking basket materials with knitting, tapestry weaving, or surface design I create “new” baskets.  Through the blending of colors and textures I change the character of the basket from only a functional vessel to a container that expresses a concept. 

“Rolling Hills”

After a challenge to use the birch bark scraps I had from other baskets I made I created this style of basket.  By experimenting and combining it with natural materials from the Northwest United States I created a contemporary basket style.  Now I have a use for all those scraps!  I hand gather the spoke and rim material,  Western Red cedar bark, from the woods of Oregon.