SK Mini’s and More

Artist: SK Mini’s & More
Address: 2385 SE Thompson Streset


Offerings: SK Mini’s & More – Living plants in miniature vessels, Scent pendants: Wearable sachets. Surround yourself with the essential oil of your choice. (Not sold with scents) Sparktacular fascinators: Decorate yourself with a one of a kind hat, hair or body pin or clip. They make great tree ornaments too!”

Previously Sparktacular Attire, SK Mini’s & More is the next adventure for artist Serena. With a love for living plants, all things miniature and ways to feeling good, she makes wondrous creations of practically impractical whimsy. Playing with vintage aesthetics and upcycled vessels to bring planters and pendants into life, SK Mini’s & More is a gateway to gardening and good scents.