SK Minis

Artist: Serena Kapuler
Business Name: SK Minis
Address: 2385 SE Thompson Streset [map]


Offerings: Miniature succulent arrangements, using real living plants. Great for kitchen, bathroom, living room or office windowsills. Sizes ranging from tiny to large. A low maintenance gateway to gardening. Scent Pendants are wearable aromatherapy diffusers. Surround yourself with good scents.

With a love for living plants, all things miniature and ways to feeling good, artist Serena of SK Mini’s, makes delightful creations of whimsy and wonder. “Finding just the right vessel, be it funny or odd or adorable and just the right succulent to live in it, and to top it off be able to share it with someone who also loves miniatures or appreciates the vessel and wants to grow the fun plants too, it’s a gratifying experience. It really is a win win.”

Serena is committed to upcycling so all plant arrangements and containers are unique.
SK Mini’s create little moments of joy and happiness.