Gift Basket Give-Away…

using our STAW Punch Cards!!!

Walkers with the most card punches ( 10+) will be entered to win this gift basket filled with handmade goodies donated by STAW artists! Pick up a punch card at any studio on route, get it punched/ signed at each stop along the route and drop off wherever your last stop is. Punch cards will be collected and the winner will be drawn & notified. Didn’t make it to EVERY studio? That’s ok- turn in your punch card anyway!

Contents of Gift Basket:

  • First Alternative Co-Op Travel Mug filled with Chocolate Truffles
  • Framed Horse Painting by Trey Phillips
  • Skully Mug Planter by Diana Ryan
  • Crocheted Hat by the tween crafters of Happy Tomat
  • Carrot cards by Julia Lont
  • Natural Fabric Dyed Cards by Linda Johansen
  • Beaded Earrings by Kristy Pote of Oregon Wild Creative
  • Original Fluid Acrylic Painting by Carolyn Laure
  • Gift Certificate to Wild Yeast Bakery
  • Bespoken Whole Coffee beans from Tried and True
  • Stickers from Plant Posse
  • Birch Bark Canoe Ornament by Deb Curtis
  • Mandala Meditation Stone by The Mandala Lady
  • Holiday Card Pack by Carrie Tasman
  • Heart Bowl by Kusra Kapular
  • Original painting “Feeling Spring” by Shelly Elwood