Katherine Edmonds

Artist: Katherine Edmonds
Address: 2858 SE Park Place [map]

Contact: knedmonds@gmail.com
Web Site: katherine-edmonds.com

Offerings: Woodworking crafts, cutting boards, ornaments, and coasters

Katherine is designer and woodworker based in Corvallis, Oregon. Katherine has had over 35 different jobs, doing her best to sample the job market, she has mostly worked in some form of education, including ski instruction, whitewater kayaking guide, college professor, preschool teacher and of course woodworking instructor. Recently learning to fully embrace her neurodivergence and kinesthetic learning and living style, she has once again returned to the physicality of craft. Currently, she teaches woodworking classes and mentors students at Highland Woodshop, which she co-operates with her two other business partners. With a strong foundation in design and craft education, her designs, furniture, and products combine traditional joinery with modern clean lines, creating contemporary pieces with traditional roots. Katherine designs and makes each piece herself.